object orientated music

As mentioned on the homepage, my music and sound production is centered around the idea of originality. Therefore I am not the regular artist using presets or user of ready to go software synthesizers. My approach is personal and I concentrate on the timbre of sounds. Changing the personality of a sound is much more interesting than finding melodies and harmonies.

My goal is therefore to create sounds, music, soundscapes, soundtracks that are based on this idea. Ideally I like to touch a listener with changing timbres, more than presenting some classic melodies. This doesn't mean my music is abstract, or like musique concrète. All sounds are derived from real life, real objects, nothing abstract about that. Music should be seen as an arangement of sound in time.

After recording sounds there is a vast territory in which they can be designed, redesigned, combined, spaced out on a time line.

From this point all possibilites are open and restrictions become less and less frequent.

Here are some examples of tracks that are made by recording the sounds of a simple object. Minimal input with maximum diversity in the audio spectrum.

Antonius Driessens aka Duuster

some duuster works