music remixed

Most artists have their own style, their own way of producing music. Some artists move in differents styles and some change style over time. You can feel free or you can stay within a current music style or genre that you choose. In all cses it can be a standard that other artists remix your music.
Their are collaborations, contests, challenges, record company deals and so forth.

A remix can simply mean that an existing track is literally being remixed, meaning all stems are seperated and mixed again with other sonic choices. It can be technical (often the case for remastering) or artistic. Creative remixes can vary very much or can respectfully stay close.

When a remix takes the original elsewhere and when the artist that is remixing has great liberty, we often talk about a flip. The remixer flips the audio in his own way, maybe leaving out main parts, introducing others...

Antonius Driessens aka Duuster

some remixes by duuster